Braybrook Aerial

Braybrook has come a long way and its recent evolution into a more connected, liveable location is only set to grow. Planned Government investment and the ever expanding diversity of the demographic makes Braybrook an exciting area primed for future potential. Now is the best time to take advantage of its promise.

Kent Place is only 12km from Melbourne’s CBD and just a quick 10-minute train ride. Its well-connected community and green surrounds bordering the mighty Maribyrnong River make it the perfect place for individuals and families to live, work and play.

Kinder Smith Reserve
Kinder Smith Reserve
Kent Place Location Map
1. Maribyrnong River
2. Sunshine Bowling Club
3. Matthews Hill Reserve
4. Pritchard Reserve
5. Braybrook Park
6. Dobson Reserve
7. Kinder Smith Reserve
8. Johnson Reserve
9. Gaudion Reserve
10. Paul Sadler Swimland
11. Sunshine Leisure Centre
12. RecWest Braybrook
13. Braybrook STN
14. Sunshine Social BBQ
15. One For The Crow
16. Brother Nancy
17. Dumbo Café
18. Bruger
19. West 48
20. Harley And Rose
21. Common Galaxia
22. Luxsmith
Services and Transport
23. Sunshine Railway Station
24. Tottenham Railway Station
25. West Footscray Station
26. Braybrook Community Hub
27. Sunshine Library
28. Footscray Hospital
29. Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
30. Dinjerra Primary School
31. Western English Language School
32. Braybrook College
33.Maribyrnong College
34. Rosamond School
35. Harmony Early Learning
36. Victoria Uni: Sunshine Campus
37. Sunshine Plaza
38. Highpoint Shopping Centre
39. Central West Shopping Centre
40. Woolworths
41. Sunshine Fruit Market

Kent Place has community at its essence. Perhaps the most overlooked suburb of the inner west. Braybrook STN demonstrates the community feel of the suburb’s growing cafe scene. A melting pot of culture and just minutes away from the established suburbs of Sunshine, Yarraville and Seddon.

When it comes to retail and shopping, this convenient Braybrook location leaves you spoiled for choice. The area boasts an array of grocers and fresh-produce markets.

For your everyday needs, walk to Central West Shopping Centre or indulge in retail therapy at nearby Highpoint Shopping Centre, Sunshine Plaza or Sunshine Marketplace.

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