Kent Place is an exciting collaboration between some of the industry’s best, Citinova and Invo Design. These exceptional residences reflect a shared commitment to quality, and a deep understanding of liveable design.
Citinova Logo

Citinova are leaders in property development, specialising in residential, hotel, commercial and industrial properties that stand the test of time. Delivering iconic buildings that unlock opportunities and create positive change for local communities. Citinova take a rigorous holistic approach to property development, creating design and implementing ownership strategies that optimise long term return on investment for investor partners and enrich the life of the wider community.

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Invo Design is a young, thriving design firm constantly challenging the status quo. Every new project is approached with an overarching, co-creative mindset that involves the client, consultants and contractors. Through improved processes and technology, we explore methods both old and new to yield the most innovative spaces for our clients.

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